Sunday, October 20, 2013

“As I enter Heaven’s gate” (Poem)

“As I enter Heaven’s gate”

I can hear the angels sing as I enter Heaven’s gate
I can hear the anthems ring as their voices accentuate
They were singing praises to their God to the one who’s on the throne
They put their arms around me welcome friend you’re home

I saw my mum and dad as I entered through that gate
My mum came and hugged me tight as if she couldn’t wait
Welcome to your new home son as I heard a melody
I knew that this was going to be for all Eternity

As I walked down those streets of gold the sky it brightly gleamed
I couldn’t believe that I was here it felt just like a dream
But as I walked towards the light a man came up to me
He said, welcome friend to paradise you’re now forever free

He put his hands toward my hands as we walked beneath the trees
He said we’ll head down on this road please just follow me
 I’m feeling thirsty sir could I drink down by the river
He stooped to get me water as my hands began to quiver

He cupped his hands and brought me water then I supped it from his hands
It was when I was nearly finished I realized he was the Lamb
I’d been walking with my Saviour when I saw the scars appear
I knew this was my Jesus and I shed a little tear

He reached His hand toward my face and wiped my tears away
He said I heard you every day when you got down and you prayed
I’ll never ever leave you as He walked along beside
You’re finally in Heaven friend this is where you will abide

I looked at Him with tears and He said dear friend you’re free
Enjoy all I have for you as far as you can see
I will take you to your mansion where you’ll find there is no cost
Remember that I paid the price when I died upon the cross

Finally, I’m at home in the mansion Jesus made
It’s just as He said it was adorned and arrayed
Majestic and so beautiful with all it’s Heavenly charm
As He walked me to my mansion we were walking arm in arm

The story continues……….Forever.

Written by ChrisTurner
October 20th, 2013

Chris Turner is a residential/commercial
painting contractor in Edmonton Alberta Canada

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