Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I’m a Cabbage, David’s a Rocket

I remember one day in my living room, again, I can see myself standing in the living room, I looked out towards the kitchen and I could see my mum working around preparing a meal, a thought came to me, I wonder how I got here, how did I happen to be living, I kept asking myself this question, did I just appear? Did my parents buy me from some place? I was honestly questioning how I came to be living, I thought, I’ll just go and ask mum, she’ll know.

I went out to the kitchen and said, “Mom! Where did I come from?” she said, “what do you mean?” I said, “well, how did I get to live in this house, how did I arrive here, where did I come from?” my mum was preparing vegetables at the time and she said, “one day I was cooking vegetables, and while I was cutting the cabbage open, I saw this little boy inside, I said, oh look! It’s Christopher”.

I thought, hmm, I believed my mum, as there was no other explanation. So I went back into the living room thinking, I then thought about my younger brother David, I thought, I’ll ask her where David came from, my mum must have been thinking pretty quick to make up all these stories, she said, “well, it was "Guy Fawkes Night" (November 5th) the night before and everyone was setting off fireworks, we were firing rockets that night and when we fired this one rocket, it exploded, and as it was falling back down from the sky, David was inside the rocket, and we said, oh look! David’s here, so son, that’s how your brother David is here.

I went into the living room again thinking, hmm, this is unfair, what a bummer, David’s a rocket and I’m just a cabbage, I didn’t like that, I would rather have been a rocket than just an old vegetable.

I was thinking about Ian and George, then I thought, I don’t want to know, I didn’t want to find out what they were, I thought, they might have been something better than a vegetable, so I didn’t ask.

I’m sure my mum was glad I went away to do something else. Not sure why my mum would want to tell me such a yarn, I guess in those days, they were embarrassed to talk to their kids about the facts of life and how we were really born.

Written by Chris Turner
(Taken from my autobiography: "Life is...but a memory") 

My autobiography is available as an e-book at the following link.

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