Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The memory of the "Cross"

The memory of the "Cross"

Reflecting on the "Cross".

It's now coming up to Easter this weekend. What a great time to reflect on the "Cross".

It doesn't matter whether we are Protestant or Catholic, it doesn't matter which denomination we belong to, as Christians, we all serve and worship the same Christ, the same Jesus and the same God.

We have to start acting like it, we have to start behaving like it.

Celebrating our Saviour.

Many of us will go to church this weekend to celebrate Good Friday the day Jesus was crucified, then we'll go back to church Easter Sunday and celebrate the resurrection. 

We all know that He's our saviour, so why not embrace this as we approach this weekend.

Celebrating Easter all year long.

Why do we only do this at Easter? Why don't we celebrate what Jesus did on the cross all year long?

What does the "Cross" mean to you?

Do you realize that Jesus died for you? Do you know that you're sins are forgiven? Do you know that you have Eternal Life?  Do you know that God loves you?

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