Tuesday, April 25, 2017



I'm terrified of myself I was always to blame
Deep down in my soul made to feel so much shame
Sometimes I am sinking into a deep, deep dark hole
It's a rocky road ahead not feeling very close to God

Feeling lonely I'd say most times with things going through my mind
Feeling empty on the inside as I'm figuring out life
Sometimes I won't admit it when I'm not in control
Like a whirlwind, blowing, spinning as it penetrates my soul

Sometimes I look for God I keep thinking He don't care
It's just another fleeting moment as I'm pulling out my hair
It's the words that we say as we're passing through this life
They cut deep into your heart just sharp as a knife

Sometimes it leaves a wound and sometimes it leaves a scar
Swirling around inside your mind telling us who we are
Just like poison in our veins we scream, we scream and we cry
It is then that it kills us as we give up and die

Written by Chris Turner
October 30th, 2015

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