Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Living in this world together"

"Living in this world together"

We have to stop hurting people this way;
We have to stop hurting no matter what they say
We have to love everyone, even if they're gay;
We have to live our lives together every single day

You don't have to believe on how people live,
 'cause deep in their hearts they have a lot to give
I believe that we all come from God above;
We have to live with our neighbors and show them God's love

Life is very short to bicker and fight,
We protest against each other as if it's our God given right
If your skin's a different color, yellow black or white
God, He loves us all, we are precious in His sight

Hatred and racism, you know they have no place
To accept one another no matter what our race
What a better world we'd live in, if we could all agree
It's better to love and smile to those that we meet
You believe what you believe and I'll believe in mine
But for the most part we agree most of the time
I'm a little different from the way that you are
But this is no reason to keep us far apart

If you want to come for dinner, you're welcome to my place
'Cause I believe in Jesus and I love the human race
If you hold that against me and what I believe
The door is always open and you're welcome to leave

Bigots, haters', racists wherever they can be found
Our world would be much better if they were not around
Muslims, Hindus, Christians and even the Jew
God created everyone He loves all of you.

Written by Chris Turner
August 22, 2017

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