Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Love Freelance Writing

Need help with your next writing project?

Have you ever been stuck wondering what to write?

On your way to a special event and just can't find the right words?

Someone asks you to give a little speech, but you fumble around wondering what you could talk about?

Maybe you're a musician and someone asks you to write a song about someone, a place, a special time in your life or someone else's life?

Need a poem for that special someone in your life? The words have to be just perfect?

All of a sudden..."Brain Fog".

Maybe you're operating a business, a church, a blog, a website, a special community program!

You just don't know how to get started.

Maybe you are foreign to this country. Maybe English isn't your strongest language. 

It's a fact, you know what you want to say, but, you just can't find or know the right words to say.

You want to explain a project that you're involved with at work, again, the words just don't make it stand out.

Even your spelling may not be the greatest, the words you are using are not in context with what you are trying to say.

This is where I can help you. 
  • I can help you "Bullet" your items or agenda.
  1.  I can also help you number your products
  2. Various inventory on hand
  3. Items sold etc;

Whatever it is or whatever your writing needs are, I can help you.

Hi, my name is Chris Turner. I have been in the writing business now since 1991. I started my career writing poetry.

I currently operate three blogs including this one.

As you will see by my blog, I have written various articles over the years regarding various National and International events. I have also included some songs and poetry that I've written.

As a lyricist, I specialize in songwriting and composing lyrics and music to most of my songs. 

I am also the author of a short novel called "I just want to be loved" (self-published). Which is available as a soft cover and as an e-book on Amazon.

I have also written my autobiography "Life is...but a memory" which is also available as an e-book (only) on Amazon.

Experience in various niches 

Over the years, I have gained experience in the following various niches.

Of course, my number one passion is writing, as I have explained previously, I started writing back in 1991. Which includes being an author, poet and songwriter. I also operate three blogs.

Over the past thirty eight years, I have worked within the construction industry as a "Painting Contractor". I am proficient in the use of all painting tools and techniques. I have the experience to write copy for the painting industry as well as for the products that I've used over the years.

I also have thirty eight plus years working with wood crafts. I have made various crafts and carvings which are located on one of my other blogs. This includes scrollwork, carvings and sign making.

I have vast experience working with many tools including, planers, bandsaws, drill presses, jointers, routers, table saws, compound mitre saws and numerous power hand tools. Therefore, have the necessary experience to write copy for this industry too. 

Personally, I have designed and built various personal websites using the "Web Easy" drag and drop program (not HTML coding).

As a musician and guitarist, I have experience playing accoustic six and twelve string, various electric guitars including Epiphone, Ibanez and Fender Stratocaster. Also knowledgable in various amps, cables and musical equipment. Therefore, have the experience to write for various musical magazines.

As a Christian, I am very knowledgable in biblical principles and have enough religious instruction and experience in writing sermons. I am able to write articles for churches, programs or any other religious groups.

As a volunteer, I have many years experience working with the community, being fire disasters, sporting events and musical events. 

I am an avid tennis player, playing up to ten hours each week in the summer  and involved with the local tennis Meet-Up Group. I have the experience of using various tennis rackets and tennis balls. Therefore, would be able to write articles on local events pertaining to local tennis events.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and baking, I have many years of experience in this field where I enjoy making various items from scratch including, homemade butter, oatmeal milk, peanut butter, muffins, pizza, cookies and various other culinary favorites. Again, I have the experience to write copy for articles relating to just about any cooking or baking projects.

My services to you are available as a writer, copywriter, poet or songwriter

 If you are a business, magazine, community newspaper, Mosque or Church, Foreign business in need of  a writer for any article you wish to publish.  Whether on a website or a blog.

Please feel free to contact me and I will give you a quote for your next writing project.


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