Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Trump and Guantanamo Bay"

"Trump and Guantanamo Bay"

Guantanamo Bay, they were tortured for what they wouldn't say
Abused, shackled to the wall, beatings, broken limbs by the CIA
Waterboarding torture, unethical, against all humanity
Degrading, inhumane, inflicting pain, borne of the USA

They detained those they thought, who were responsible for terrorist attacks
They interrogated those for information so they could pay their enemy back
Standing on broken limbs, deprived of sleep, hooding's, horrors every day
Rectal rehydration, as they tortured in Guantanamo Bay

Now Trump is no different, like a Nazi, like Hitler in World War two
He's hoarding all the Muslims, pushing them around, like the Gestapo used to do
Last week Trump agreed that torture and believes it's the only way
He was given this assurance that it worked by the CIA

Instead of things getting better for the world, we're going, the opposite way
Going back to the times, the way it was, in Guantanamo Bay
We're no different than the terrorist, you have to look and see what's going on
He starts with his own country, and then who's next, dictators never work alone

Wake up America; you have a future to save, but not just for you
Your children and your grandchildren are relying on what you now do
You know right from wrong, you don't have to just go along, stand up for everything that's right,
Your kids will thank you for being brave because you tried to save and protect where you belong.

Written by Chris Turner
January 31, 2017

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