Friday, December 8, 2017

"Begging for spiritual affection"

"Begging for spiritual affection"

Have you ever seen a dog Lord when it begs and it yelps
That's the way I feel when I'm looking for your help
I feel like a dog when I'm begging you please
That's the way you make me feel when I'm down on my knees

I feel like an animal trying to get through the day
Scavenging and grovelling for food on the way
The strife that I'm feeling not sure what to say
That's the way you make me feel when I try to pray

No matter how I try when I just don't have a clue
It appears you're never home as I just cannot get through
I'm weary, I'm so tired and it all just seems unfair
All my words seem to vanish with the wind into the air

Just like being in a pig pen as I grovel in the dirt
Pushing through the mire and dirt that's when it hurts
Just like a pig when it's washed looking good when it's seen
I'm pushed into the pen going back to where I've been
Some will say that I am ignorant to say the things I do
But they just don't understand how I feel about you
I pray from the springtime all the way into the fall
When I'm praying to you God I seem to hit a wall

My life is in a mess that I know I just abhor
I don't want to live my life like this anymore
Who would really miss me if I'm not here and I was gone?
It's time for me to make a move I think that I'll be movin' on

Written by Chris Turner
January 11, 2016

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