Friday, December 8, 2017

"Christianity can be so confusing"

Christianity can be so confusing

I find Christianity to be very confusing, everyone can't be right
One side says you can have it all the other side says not quite
Prosperity preachers say you're blessed, if you tithe your ten percent
The poorer preachers live a humble life they say, all things are Heaven sent

Some stand up and they speak in tongues Pentecostals most of the time
While the Baptists rarely raise their hands which they think is just fine
United, Anglican, Lutheran they think it's just unfair
They're singled out as lesser Christians but does anybody care

Catholics, Orthodox, Mormons, Jehovah Witness's they imply
Are we all serving different God's or the One up in the sky
Seventh Day Adventist, Jews and Nazarenes they all say they are the way
But don't we all look the same when we're on our knees to pray

God so loved the world John 3:16 tells us so
We think that we know everything but we don't really know
Religion's a divider in the world that we live
Why can't we just love each other and try more to give

You all have a building you make it sacred when you pray
But you really hate each other, you just get in each other's way
You're so obstinate, hard-headed, leading people astray
You only push what you believe you are all "religion on display".

Note: Sorry, you will probably have to expand this chart to be able to read it. Just click on it to view on the original page. Makes interesting reading.

 Written by Chris Turner
February 19, 2017

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