Thursday, October 17, 2013

“A Shortened Life”

“A Shortened Life”

In memory of Christian Crowell (5-years old)

As I would go to church on Sunday, Amazing Grace they sung
My body riddled with disease ever since I was young

The doctors tried their best for me with medicine I tried to cope
My mum and dad would speak with me to try and give me hope

As I prayed with my family, with tears I would cry
As I held their hands not knowing if I would die

They prayed and prayed as they trusted God, but all to no avail
 Looking upon my little body which was looking very frail

I was determined though I wouldn’t quit, I had so much to give
For my mum, dad and siblings, I so much wanted to live

But my body was feeling weaker now, each and every day
All I could do was hope in God and to trust Him when I pray

As I looked into my parents eyes, despair is what I saw
They took my hand and held me close as the pain in me would gnaw

As I listen to a Christian song my hand I have to raise
Thinking of God whom I’ll meet soon who forever I will praise

Struggling hard to stay alive with each and every breath
I was fighting hard to stay away; from the thing that we call death

But just at that, as I closed my eyes the light was ever so bright
As I entered into the Heavenly realm O’ what a beautiful sight

As I got closer I saw an image, it was Jesus on His throne
I knew now that I could go and would never be alone

As I hugged my mum and dad, my body became so still
They knew that I had passed away; they knew this was God’s will

I was only five when I died that day; we knew that God knows best
My body is no longer in pain; I’ve gone to my Heavenly rest.

Written by Chris Turner
January 18th, 2013

Chris Turner is a residential/commercial
painting contractor in Edmonton Alberta Canada

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