Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Longing for the ocean” (Poem)

“Longing for the ocean”


(My home town, where I grew up as a kid. The Promenade, Gourock. Scotland)

Oh! To walk that sandy beach, right now it seems far out of reach
Again to see the waves as they roar, as they splash against the rugged shore

To smell the scent of salt in the air, as the ocean breeze blows through my hair 
Searching for sea shells as I explore, as I stroll through seaweed washed ashore

The rocks are slippery green with slime; it appears they’ve been there for some time
Here and there between the reef the starfish are scattered on the beach

As I run my fingers through the sand I didn’t know it could be so grand
Splashing my feet through the white capped waves as the water’s rushing to make its way

The pebbles they’re soothing to my feet on the rocks the seagulls take a seat
This is the day that I dream of, being next to the ocean that I love

Written by ChrisTurner
March 26, 2013.

Chris Turner is a residential/commercial
painting contractor in Edmonton Alberta Canada

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