Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Computerized Heaven” (Poem)

“Computerized Heaven”

As I travel along this lonely road not sure where I’ll end up next
Should I send my God an email or should I send a text

Does Jesus have a laptop or a desktop by his throne?
Does He have a tablet or android or maybe the apple Iphone

Does He have a flat screen T.V. a PVR to record my sin
Does He fax Heaven’s angels a GPS to know where I’ve been?

A DVD to play back my sin or maybe a VHS
Although it could be a Blue Ray He knows I’m in a mess

But God doesn’t hold a grudge nor holds anything against you
He forgives you when you call on Him; you know His promise is true

He doesn’t have a computer or an Iphone by His side
A tablet, android or GPS in Him you can confide

He said that he’d forgive your sin if you call on Him today
You do not need technology all you do is pray

You don’t need a kilobyte, megabyte or terabyte
You just need to read His word and keep it right within your sight

God does have lots of memory but He can’t remember your sin
He puts it in the deepest sea if you’ll only trust in Him

He’ll forget your wrongs and your shame He looks at it as dross
He’ll cleanse your heart and make it right if you’ll only trust the cross.

Written by ChrisTurner

Chris Turner is a residential/commercial
painting contractor in Edmonton Alberta Canada

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