Friday, October 18, 2013

"Where are you Lord?" (Poem)

"Where are you Lord?"

Why can’t I feel your presence Lord you seem so far away?
Not able to feel you close to me especially when I pray
Even as I write these words I’m hoping that you’ll see
To feel your presence is what I want it would mean the world to me

I’m feeling that I’m in a prison, trying so hard to break out
I’m grabbing to the bars that hold me, trying to figure what life’s about
Hemmed in by life, I’m feeling trapped just like a spiritual game
I feel like I’m incarcerated, being jailed now for my shame

I’m feeling confined, I’ve been trying to get out, I’m making plans to escape
Nevertheless, I know that there’s a barrier as my life has to be reshaped
The problems seem big, the walls are so high, and I know I can’t get out
I huddle in a corner within my mind, eyes closed, I scream, and shout

There’s always something in life where I stray and know that I’m doing wrong
Reading the bible I find a verse it condemns me all day long
No matter what I do, nothing ever seems right, that is, when it comes to God
When He sees my sin and watches my life He knows I am a sod

I’ve prayed to God asking many things but an answer it does not come
Yet He promises in His word, that He would give me anything, if I only ask through His son
When I pray to God whose up in the Heavens it makes me feel pretty small
God turns His head and looks away as my prayers bounce off the walls

                 I’m just not able to penetrate, to get through to God’s own heart
It’s been like that for many years now, right from the very start
However, there you sit on Heavens Throne never worrying about a thing
I only wish that you would care and try to look past my sin

I know dear Lord that there’s nothing else, as my life begins to stray
I realize that I’m nothing to you but just a piece of clay
I know dear God your word tells me, you’re the potter and I’m the clay
I’ve always prayed that you would mould me and make use of me one day

You’re probably sitting up in heaven just thinking I’m being too bold
You think I’m feeling sorry for myself because I’m getting old
However Lord the truth is, I’m feeling tired, exhausted as I pray
Hoping one day that you’ll bend your ear and hear me Lord today

Every day I always feel, just a glimmer of hope, yes, maybe this will be the day
That you will turn your face towards me and finally hear my plea, as I lift my hands to pray
It’s been many years now Lord since I’ve followed you and I’ve called you Lord ever since
Please show me Lord that you are there, just give me a little glimpse

Written by Chris Turner
April 12th, 2013

Chris Turner is a residential/commercial
painting contractor in Edmonton Alberta Canada