Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Scotland" (O' to be free)

 (O’ to be Free)

People want to separate from the nation that they love
They want to feel that they, will be more free
They’re seeking full autonomy for the country they’re part of
A “Yes” for Scotland is what they want to see

They want to be respected by their friends to the south
And make decisions on their own
They want to run their country as they want it to be
And not to be dictated from the throne

If you don’t know the history of why they joined together
Now’s the time to check it out
Finances for a Scotland who then was very poor
Before you vote, know what it’s about

Proud to be a Scot but British is what you are
The Union Flag is what you love the most
Northern Ireland, England, Wales this nation where you live
“United” in Spirit coast to coast

Scotland has been united for over three hundred years
Partners with England joined as one
Northern Ireland, Wales, to strengthen them in heart
Hopefully, still united when the voting is done

Written by Chris Turner
September 17th, 2014