Friday, May 19, 2017

Dreams and Desires

Dreams and Desires

I give you my life Lord and the past, of disappointments and dreams that didn't last
Resolutions that I made that didn't transpire; I guess my mind, lost the desire

Yes I know what you have placed inside of me, the type of person Lord you wanted me to be
All the gifts and the talents deep inside, I just can't hide

Things didn't turn out in my life the way I planned; sometimes, I forget that I am just a man
Setbacks came and I didn't know what to do, fulfill my dreams and my desires I trust in you

My destiny you've placed inside my heart, sometimes, I need something fresh a brand new start
The vision is not about where I've been, but what I dream....... yes, it's what I dream

Written by Chris Turner
May 19, 2017