Thursday, March 1, 2018

Silhouette Wall Art

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Would you like a silhouette painted on your wall?
Silhouettes only. Choose your own colour. 
One colour only.
It could be for your living room, bedroom or recreation room, 
even your favourite car on your garage wall.
Choose what you would like for example...Airplane, car, cross, horse, any type of animal.
Tell me what you would like. Price depends on the complexity of design.
Size can be up to eight feet. Maybe larger, depends on how much space I have and how far back away from the wall I can stand. 
I can download any image that you like.

This can be done for residential or commercial establishments.

Also community halls and churches.
Prices start from $350

Send me a picture of your wall, pick your design and I'll show you what it will look like before I do any work. Just give me an idea of size and location on wall where the silhouette will be positioned. I'll return your picture with your choice of silhouette on the wall. This will give you an idea as to how it will look. You just have to decide what size you want.

Here are some samples of silhouettes below, or send me your own.
You can send me a regular picture if you like. I'll convert it to a silhouette.