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Charismatic and Pentecostal fakes

Charismatic and Pentecostal fakes

This article wasn’t written to turn people off Christianity, this was written to make people aware of what is happening in the church and has been happening for many years.

In addition, I never want to discourage my children even though they are older. As they all attend the Pentecostal church with my wife.

Heretical and sacrilegious practices have been around it seems, forever.

The number one culprits for sacrilegious practices and blasphemous events are the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches.

There is a massive deception going on within this movement, they think that they are all filled with the Holy Spirit, but they’re not.

It is quite common among some fanatical Pentecostals within the churches; that they attempt to exclude other Christians when it comes to experiencing and having a direct relationship with the Holy Spirit. Have you ever been in meetings where the preacher ridicules other denominations for their lack of ‘The Holy Spirit? I have.

I remember when we lived on an acreage and as a family, we attended the local towns’ Baptist Church. During the week though, I was looking for an additional Bible study. I then went to a smaller town called Spruce Grove seeking another church. I found and attended the town’s Pentecostal Church.

They invited me to someone’s acreage for dinner and a Bible study. When I arrived, they asked me which church I regularly attended; I said the Baptist Church, they then said, “when did you start to backslide?” I was embarrassed as everyone was now laughing at me. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy the bible study and I never returned.

Then you have the big joke of the Holy Spirit coming upon the people at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.

They had people who supposedly received the baptism of the Holy Spirit then everyone starts acting weird.

I have been in a Pentecostal Church where everyone starts shaking and doing strange things, making weird noises, then all of a sudden, they have become holier than they were before.

The power of suggestion, loud music, and chants can be a very powerful thing.

I remember when living in Scotland when I was younger, I attended a Scotland versus England football (soccer) game. The atmosphere was electrifying, to say the least. 100,000 screaming fans made you tingle all over; you were caught up in the moment.

The chanting of songs, the waving of scarves, banners, and everyone singing at the top of their lungs, it’s a moment that you never ever forget.

It’s no different when you go to a Charismatic or Pentecostal gathering, you are anticipating an atmosphere, and they deliberately crank up the music, just to add to the atmosphere, just to make it a little bit tenser and more believable.

The musicians are aware of what they’re doing, they are instructed to do this, the way they play the drums, the repetitive singing of one song, getting everyone all worked up and eventually working the congregation  into some kind of spiritual frenzy.

Watch this video and tell me they are not nuts.

Pentecostals are just huge hypocrites, I know, my dad was one in the church he operated way back forty years ago. He always claimed to have this Pentecostal gift, yet, he was like hell to live with at home.

He hated and resented his four sons, we were never good enough, always, an embarrassment to his righteous church, which he told me by the way. He was ashamed of us.

He always hated my older brother, and then when my other brother got married, he wanted him to move to Canada because he married a girl from a poor area. He didn’t want her family coming around to our house. Therefore, he was happy when my brother also moved to Canada.

Then he told me that he was ashamed of me because of my long hair, and he would call me a tramp and said I would never amount to anything. 

All these things about the way Pentecostals are just irking me, from way back then. 

My dad told my mum, he said, “Whenever I die, make sure Ian; (my oldest brother) gets nothing of mine”. That’s how much he hated my brother.

Yet, my dad was a professing Christian, spoke in tongues. Yep! You may think that I’m being stoic or very resentful towards my dad; however, he just didn’t treat us right, or my mum.

I think of this scripture in Corinthians “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but has not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.” (1 Corinthians 13:1-3)

The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, people were slain in the spirit, shaking violently, walking about on all fours barking like dogs, howling like wolves and coyotes, running up and down the aisles as if possessed by a demon, which they probably were.

Rolling all over the floor like idiots, making absolute fools of themselves, including God. Psycho laughing fits like people who were demented and lost their mind. 

They were all wound up like a witchcraft ritual taking place.

What a counterfeit movement that was, so full of lies making people around the world thinking, that Toronto had some kind of special visitation from God.

Then all of a sudden, guess what, the Holy Spirit moved away, apparently, the Holy Spirit only came for a little time then left.

Things can even become more hurtful and spiritually confusing, where prophecy is concerned. Listeners have to basically take it or leave it and if they leave it, there may be fatal consequences. No doubt, many of you have experienced this kind of: “Thus says the Lord” or “The Holy Spirit told me”. Such words need to be carefully weighed before one utters them. They may influence other people’s lives in a drastic way. We have to exercise caution in this. Unfortunately, poor communication is sometimes a problem among Pentecostals.

Another point of concern is noise and the belief that the noisier one gets, the more Spirit-filled one is! Nevertheless, this foolish assumption has caused many problems, not only in inter-denominational relationships but also in relations between members of the Pentecostal churches. Pentecostals often criticize the non- Pentecostal denominations that they lack the direct experience of the Holy Spirit because they are too silent. Let us recall the story of Elijah as he waited for God to speak to him. God did not speak in the noise of the wind, in the violence of the earthquake, or in the fire. He spoke in a soft whisper (1 Kings 19:11-13).

Notice the above scripture that I mentioned in 1st Corinthians 13:1-3

Notice that Paul states explicitly, that, if he speaks in tongues of men and angels but has no love, he is nothing! Love is a power. Love is a force. Love is the most powerful positive force, ---it has the power to prevent atrocities, undermine prejudices, build bridges, and bind us together.
If you don’t have that you have absolutely nothing.

I remember one evening at Central Pentecostal. They asked people if you want to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to go into the prayer room after the service. Of course, I wanted everything that God would give me. There were lots of people in the prayer room. 

Deacons and elders along with their wives were praying for people. When it was my turn to go forward, I went to a senior couple whom I knew very well, as I used to attend a bible study at their home. When I went forward they said, “Just pray in tongues as we are praying and it will come to you”, I said, “No, I can’t do that, the bible says as the Spirit gives the utterance, not me faking it so it will happen”.

I was so upset and disillusioned with people whom I had trusted spiritually. Now I knew it was a fake thing, yet, I truly, truly believed it was for real, not anymore.

When these things happen to you, you become disgusted as to the realness of anything spiritual.
When I attended People’s Church in 1990 in Edmonton before I was married, we were all standing around in a group. This one person started talking about how he started and learned to speak in tongues and how he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

We were all standing waiting for his wonderful out of this world experience and testimony and he said, “When I started speaking in tongues I started saying, she rides a Honda, she rides a Honda, real fast, As soon as I started saying it real fast, I started speaking in tongues”.

I thought to myself, are you kidding. She rides a Honda real fast then you’ll speak in tongues. I thought what a load of hogwash. This was before I attended Central Pentecostal. Therefore, you can see, that with all these things, how I find it so fake, especially within the churches where I’ve experienced all this stuff.

I’m not saying the Holy Spirit is a fake experience, but it was in those churches and also in that Toronto Church. It’s actually quite disgusting that we behave this way as Christians. I’d now rather not have it at all. I feel so much let down by this experience that’s described in the bible, I thought it was something more wonderful.

Listen, all you weird Christians out there, get it together and stop being so darn fake, it’s really sickening to me, very discouraging, and more sickening to God.

I find going to church so superficial, I no longer attend church, and I have no time for it. My wife and kids attend a Pentecostal Church, I tried it a few times, then people started acting strange shouting out in the service weird things, then the pastor would tell him or her to sit down, as they were out of order. I said to my wife, forget it, I’m not going back.

If God hates me for it, so be it. I pray to God all the time, but He doesn’t come to me, I feel empty and alone, I’m doubting more every day, I’ve had lots of bad church experiences with so-called Christians it’s not even funny. Just so weird, I don’t need it. 

I remember when my wife and I were married 25 years ago; we met in Central Pentecostal Church in Edmonton Alberta.

Prior to this, I had been divorced, people in the church gossiped about me because I had been divorced. The pastor at the time, Bob Jones who is now at North Pointe Church in north Edmonton, wouldn’t marry us; it was against his Pentecostal beliefs. Marrying us would contaminate his soul or his credentials.

However, they used to have an in-house pastor called Pastor Hodges who was originally from the Baptist Church, so Bob Jones recommended him to perform the wedding ceremony. It was okay for an old Baptist pastor to be sinful and marry us, as his credentials didn’t matter, it was as if his credentials weren’t as valuable as Bob Jones credentials. 

You talk about hypocrisy. It was okay to get married in the church though; we wouldn’t actually defile the church, as it was just Bob Jones Pentecostal credentials that would be defiled.

When we had our first daughter, my wife wanted to have our daughter dedicated at the church, by none other than, Bob Jones. It was okay for him to dedicate our daughter from a corrupt divorcee family, but not to marry us. I’m confused.

Here is the confusing part; my wife’s previous common-law relationship wasn’t even questioned, why, because she wasn’t married, that is, officially. When she split up from her ex-boyfriend, they just went their separate ways.

The difference was, I had a divorce certificate, my wife to be didn’t divorce, and she just separated. Are you confused yet? I am too.

Here we have a Pentecostal pastor turning his back on us just at the time when we needed reassurance. Instead, he poured out condemnation on us by refusing to marry us. Yet, he would probably stand up on Sunday at church, speaking, and faking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After all, you can’t be a Pentecostal pastor unless you speak in tongues.

When my wife and I returned from our honeymoon, I received a phone call from an older well-respected woman in the church. She asked me how we had enjoyed the wedding; I told her that we thought it went very well. I then continued telling her how pleased we were with the photographer as he was a friend of ours and the pictures were so nice.

Then all of a sudden she went on a rant about how he was a womanizer and how that she knew sordid things about him. Right away I said to her, “woe, woe, woe”. I said, “Hold on a minute before you go any further, he’s a friend of ours and if you have anything to say to him you should tell him to his face, not to me as I don’t want to hear it”.

The next morning she came down the aisle of the church and confronted my wife and me, she apologized and said she was sorry and that she shouldn’t have said those things. I told her, that it was a little too late, as she has now planted those thoughts into my mind about him. I told her that maybe she should think first before she starts gossiping about someone. I told her, that it’s hard to take back words once they have been said.

It makes me so angry even twenty-five years later, it’s so hypocritical. I am beginning to hate the Christian, religious church establishment for how they treat people, and how they gossip about one another.

Yet, we’re supposed to be Christ-like, what a joke.

I quoted this previously, but I’ll quote it again as I finish.

Notice the above scripture that I mentioned in 1st Corinthians 13:1-3

Notice that Paul states explicitly, that, if he speaks in tongues of men and angels but has no love, he is nothing! Love is a power. Love is a force. Love is the most powerful positive force, ---it has the power to prevent atrocities, undermine prejudices, build bridges, and bind us together.

By the way, I was in the process of writing a blog post recently, not this one, which ended up being too long. I’ve decided to make my other article a short novel instead. At the moment it’s at 10,000 words and I’m only half-way through.

It’s called: “Pissed off with Christianity” I should have it finished by the end of May 2018. 

There is quite a bit about my dad and his illegal financial dealings within the church in England including theft where he worked at the I.B.M. in Scotland. Watch for it, I will update when it’s available.

I have been told by my brother that I shouldn’t be writing things about the family. I believe that I should, I believe that people have the right to know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Maybe if I talk about these things, then Christians will stop acting so flippantly within the church.

Written by Chris Turner

April 22, 2018.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Amazing Grace


Are you happy?

Think about it.
Are you happy?
Most people are not
Do you have a job?
A lot of people don’t
Do you have savings?
Most people don’t
Are you feeling healthy?
A lot of patients are not

Do you own your home?
A lot of people rent
Do you have food?
Some people don’t
Do you go to the food bank?
Some people have to
Are you depressed?
Some people are

Do you have mental health issues?
A lot of people do
Do you own a vehicle?
Some people don’t
Do you take vacations?
Some people can’t afford to
Do you get frustrated with life?
A lot of people do

Do you love your spouse?
A lot of people don’t
Do you care about religion?
A lot of people do
Do you owe taxes?
Some people do
Do you have friends?
Some people don’t

Do you feel alone?
A lot of people are
Do you find life a struggle?
Most people do
Do you love your kids?
Some people don’t
Do you ever feel suicidal?
A lot of people do
 Do you even care?
Most people don’t

Are you really happy?

Written by Chris Turner
April 21, 2018