Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Happy Valentine's"

"Happy Valentine's"

 For God
                        So loved the world
                              That He gave His
                             Son so
                           That whoever
                                  In Him shall
                           everlasting   life
                                                        John 3:16
Created by Chris Turner
February 12, 2014

"Made in your image" (Poem)

"Made in your image"

Made in your image Lord on the day that I was born
You designed all the parts together on that bright May Day morn
You gave me two arms to raise and gave me two hands to praise
I was born to worship you Lord in everything I do

You gave me two legs to walk and you gave me a mouth to talk
With ten toes that have to move a pair of feet to fit my shoes
My legs at times can sometimes run when I play around and have some fun
My fingers they are ten in all just perfect when I catch a ball

My mouth it helps me to breathe to bite you gave me lots of teeth
My nose to smell the aromatic scent my tongue then tastes it was Heaven sent
You attached on my head two ears to hear my eyes help me see things clear
You gave me lips that I could kiss there wasn’t one thing Lord that you missed

I have a stomach that stores my food with nutrients that do me good
You gave me bowels too to do the things I have to do
I don’t mean to be so crude but the bladder too gets rid of fluid
The liver, kidneys filter too they eliminate toxins that are no good
The lungs, pancreas and intestines all these parts they work so fine
The heart pumps at just the right rate you gave me parts to re-create
Bones and skeleton, muscles and veins a nervous system to help us feel pain
An immune system to help fight disease some people say it’s evolution, I say Oh please!

The heart it doesn’t miss a beat my rear is a nice soft seat
Sometimes you know my eyelids blink I have a brain to make me think
Which I also call my human hard drive all these parts just keep me alive
God made me intricate and so complete straight from my head down to my feet

Written by ChrisTurner
February 12, 2014