Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Praise and Worship

"Attention Praise & Worship Leaders"

Are you looking for a new song?

Songs that will inspire and lift your Spirit?

A worship song that will draw you closer to God?

Still singing the same old, same old?

Need something to liven up your service?

Do you need a song that will make the congregation feel that they are basking in the presence of God? 

As a songwriter for the past six years, I have over two hundred songs

Some which express worship to God

Some of them are praise and worship songs and some are full songs with chorus

I have over one hundred and fifty songs with lyrics only, no melody

These songs are ready for you to add your own music, melody, chords etc

If you find writing your own lyrics difficult to do, maybe you would like to use some of my pre-written songs

Most of my Christian songs were composed of my own personal prayers

My other songs were real life songs, some which were my own experiences  

I will give you a list of some of my titles

Christian songs: 

The songs with an asterisk ***  have tunes.
  • "Come and put your arms around me Lord" ***
  • "Give me a peace that transcends all understanding" ***  
  • "Father, thank you for your grace, mercy and everlasting love"
  • "Let me feel the fragrance of your presence" ***
  • "I worship you dear Lord, yes I worship you" ***
  • "Let your Spirit fall on me" ***
  • "I want to pray on my knees" ***
  • "Yesterday, today, and tomorrow" *** (also YouTube video)
  • "I'm hangin' on to Jesus" ***
  • "O' we sing a song of praise as our hands they gently raise" ***
  • "It was God's amazing love and grace" ***
  • "I'm free, I'm free, I'm free" ***
  • "Travelin' on the spiritual highway"
  • "Would you take the nails into your hands" ***
  • "Tender Mercies"
  • "Knocking on Heavens door" ***
  • "Jesus please free me"
  • "I'm alive, I'm alive, I know that I'm alive" ***
  • "He's coming to take them home" ***
  • "Hallelujah, thank you Jesus"
  • "Go deeper Lord go deeper"
  • "Cleanse me Lord with your spiritual water"
  • "Something good is going to happen to you today" ***
  • "I'm feelin' blue Lord, I'm feelin' blue" ***
  • "What a wonderful Saviour you are" 
  • "I'm immersed in your Spirit, I'm transformed from above" 
  • "God must be Santa Clause at Christmastime" ***
  • "Hope will bring you home"
  • "He was born in Bethlehem" 
  • "I can feel the magnetism of your love"
  • "I want to feel, I want to feel your love, I want to know the God up above" ***
  • "We're a reflection of you" 
  • "You're the God we praise, when our hands are raised, you're Jehovah God" 
  • "It was then Jesus took my sin and He said I understand"
  • "Take my hand, understand, Lord know who I am"
  • "If only you could hear me when I call on you"
  • "You promised me that you would be my friend" ***
  • "You are the one"*** (also YouTube video)
  • "I believe in God just like you, I believe in the Holy Spirit too"
  • "Let it rain on me, let it rain on me, let your Holy Spirit come down and rain on me" ***
  • "Every time, I feel alone, I will call on you"
  • "Let the fragrance of your presence, fall upon me today" 
  • "I know that God, has made a way, to set me free" ***
  • "I am unashamed to tell you this story"
  • "Try and put your trust in me and open up your heart"
  • "When I'm weak you are strong"

Below are a few of the other songs that I've written. These are not worship songs.
  • "I am crying on the inside"
  • "3 -O'-Clock in the morning" *** (also YouTube video)
  • "People come, People go, People die, don't you know" ***
  • "I just want to be loved" ***
  • "Sitting under the neon sign"  ***
  • "I have to go" *** (also YouTube video)
  • "Everybody's looking for paradise"
  • "I live a life of hell until Saturday night" ***
  • "I'm waiting for a miracle"
  • "All alone at Christmas"
  • "Have you ever been to LeTouquet"
  • "Hobo Jo and the train" ***
  • "My big old Chevy Truck" *** (also YouTube video)
  • "Alberta is where we all belong" *** (also YouTube video)
  • "It was just a dream"
  • "Do you believe" ***
  • "He told me that I would amount to nothing" ***
  • "I need to see, I need to know is it all a show"
  • "Ecstasy"
  • "They sing the songs about Friday night, they sing the songs about Saturday night, but what about all the nights in between" ***
  • "Let me show you a picture, of the way life used to be" ***
  • "People laughing, people smiling, people doing funny things"
  • "Went to the doctor just the other day"
  • "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall" ***
  • "Hidden Fences" (song about mental illness) ***
  • "I'm gonna have a love affair"
  • "When I saw you in your blue dress, I knew, that I was still in love"  ***
  • "I'm gonna, leave you a legacy, I'm gonna leave it in a song" 
  • "Why are you always right and I am wrong" 
  • "There are more fish in the sea that hasn't been caught"
  • "I'm goin', to the food bank again" 
  • "She was faithful to the end" (about my old Chevy truck)

This is just a sample of some of my songs

If you would like a link to any of my YouTube videos, check out my songwriting page


If  you need a song written for a special occasion or can use my songwriting experience, please let me know

Maybe you have an idea for a song but you just can't find the words 

You find it hard to write the lyrics to create your own story

I work as a freelance writer, songwriter, lyricist and poet and this what I do

My archives include just as many poems as I have songs

Maybe one of my poems could be created into a song for your next project

If you are a director or a producer of plays, films or movies, maybe you could use one of my songs or I could write one for you based on your theme or storyline

Tell me what you need

If you have any questions or need more information

Contact me at writingjust4u@gmail.com