Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tim Horton's Poppy Doughnut

Royal Legion complains about Calgary Tim Horton's making Poppy Doughnuts.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the poppy doughnut. This is just the Royal Legion once again trying to control everyone, just because they have the rights to the poppy. When people make things like this, they do it all with good intentions and not to be disrespectful. It just so happens that, people nowadays just become so offended by anything, even though it wasn't meant to offend anyone, it was just a nice gesture, that's all. I remember a while back, I made a woodcraft carving which displayed Vimy Ridge and the poppy. I sent it to the Royal Legion to see if they wanted to make it available for their veterans, they said no, as I wasn't allowed to use the poppy for commercial purposes. This is a lie, if you go on their website shop, you will find countless articles for sale, cups, hats, watches etc; all for sale. Well, some company had to make these items commercially in order to sell them to the Royal Legion. The Royal Legion is just nitpicky about what they want. The craft that I made, was actually suggested to me by a 14-year-old teenager. He told me what he wanted and I made one. They did a study on Vimy Ridge at school and he asked me if I could make something like this. The finished product is quite attractive and veterans who have visited my home just love it. There again, I could use a rose or a lily which the Royal Legion doesn't own. Royal Legion, grow up.
When I made these wood products to be displayed in homes, is was so that we would remember all year round about those who gave their lives, not just one day each year.

If anyone wants to see the finished product contact me at