Friday, January 22, 2016

“The analogy of the pizza man”

“The analogy of the pizza man”

This is my analogy of the pizza man

He makes a fast delivery he does the best he can.

He brings it there right to your door and then he rings the bell

You can tell that it’s the pizza man you can tell just by the smell.

He hands the pizza over to you in a really nice warm box

You thank the man very much give a tip of a couple of bucks.

He thanks you very kindly for giving him that tip

As he heads back to the pizza shop to make another trip.

The pizza man he gets the thanks and he gets all the praise

But little does the customer know not one hand did he raise.

To get that nice warm pizza it was made behind the scenes

Someone had to make the dough prepare the meat and greens.

It took a lot of baking and prepping to make it right

Then it’s sliced, put in a box for delivery that night.

The pizza man delivers of what’s been done before

He passes on the goodness that feeds one, or maybe four.

This is what a Christian does, to preach, to sing, to share

To feed you when you’re hungry to show you that they care.

However, when someone hears the gospel songs they clap adorn and praise

Applaud the singer and the band with their hands they raise.

The preacher can be popular too depends on who he is

“Cause at the time when people cheer all applause is his.

We’re all just like the pizza man delivering something new

To feed the hungry sinful soul the one that’s in the pew.

The offering plate is passed around you give a little tip

Giving thanks and gratitude, for being fed and equipped.

The person though responsible for feeding every soul

Was prepared many years ago a long, long time ago.

Prepared in the background God prepared the only one

The one to represent Him would be His only Son.

Now when the time was ready God prepared the Holy Lamb

To die upon that awful cross it was God’s redemption plan.

Just like the pizza man my friend, delivering food to your soul

To feed your hungry appetite giving Christ to make you whole.

However, don’t praise us as we deliver, we’re doing it for the Lord

We deliver the message just on time according to His word.

So digest the word that you hear from us, whether preaching or in song

It will strengthen and nourish your seeking heart if you trust God all day long.

I’m only just the pizza man delivering some wholesome food

I give you all the ingredients………..the rest is up to you.

Written by Chris Turner

October 23, 2013

My Veggies

My Veggies

They tell me veggies taste so good
I’m supposed to eat it because it’s food

To ask for peas and even say please
And eat my broccoli with the cheese

The carrots are small just the right size
They say they’re good for my eyes

The turnips. Well, they are gross
I stick the beans between my toes

The Brussel sprouts I have to shout
They taste awful without a doubt

The parsnips you know they taste so sad
My tummy‘s feeling pretty bad

But as a kid I really know
I need to eat I need to grow

If I want to be big, if I want to be tall
I know I have to eat them all

Written by Chris Turner


Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti sauce it’s the best
Especially when you’re in a mess

You can eat it short you can eat it tall
You can even throw it on the wall

The nice red sauce gets on your clothes
Then you rub it up your nose

My sister is sitting across from me
I have spaghetti on my knee

She’s looking just, just like a queen
Her dress is looking oh! So clean

Her hair is pretty like confetti
Should I mix it with spaghetti?

Or should I splatter her dress with sauce
Hmmm….this would make my mommy cross

Instead, I think I’ll eat the rest
To save my hide I think that’s best

Written by Chris Turner