Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"My dream, my dream, part of a devilish scheme" (Poem)

"My dream, my dream, part of a devilish scheme"
 Last night Lord I had a dream as feeling part of devilish scheme
I really don’t know Lord what to do as all I want is to worship you
I go to sleep Lord singing your song my unconscious soul it all goes wrong
As I lay and rest and my heart it tries, I pray and sing as I close my eyes

Before I sleep all I think of is you but then I dream and it turns out untrue
Things happen in my dream I’d never think of I need you more Lord I need your love
I wake up now in the middle of the night I wake up Lord with more than fright
Please free my soul from the devil’s hold the dreams I have makes my heart feel cold

When I wake I sing the songs that I write to you don’t let me down Lord whatever you do
Free my mind from the pain and grief please free my soul, give me instant relief
I go to sleep with you on my mind but have awful dreams one of a kind
I don’t make them up they are always there free my mind show me that you care

In my dreams there’s emotional pain spiritually Lord am I going insane.
I’ve tried so hard not to have any doubt to try and figure what you’re all about
However, I need you to help when I have a dream to help me deal with this devilish scheme
I cannot tell anyone what my dream’s about, as it doesn’t come close to being devout

I’ve never dreamed of the type that I’ve had O’God in my heart it makes me feel sad
I want to fall on my knees for this dream and repent “cause I really know it was devil sent
Cleanse me Lord please be so kind let your Spirit cleanse, heart, soul and mind
My horrid dreams won’t go away I feel as though they’re here to stay

The chains in the distance dragging on the ground the worst noise that I’ve ever found
They were coming to get me to capture my soul but I notice in front of me a large manhole
As the chains got nearer they slid on the ground sliding down the hole with a crashing sound
I quickly put on the cover to seal the hole someone sat on that cover that freed my soul

I’ll never forget this noise that I tell it was a sound from the devil straight out of hell
Thank you Lord for providing that hole in the ground for freeing my soul that seemed hell bound
Now, as my mind unconsciously starts again to dream keep me safe from that devilish scheme
Tonight Lord when I go to sleep I pray for a Heavenly dream and my soul to keep

Written by ChrisTurner
December 18, 2013