Wednesday, February 17, 2016

“Lonely In Church”

“Lonely In Church”

(A true story)

There is a prayer meeting tonight and Im going to church, I have to try and end my search

To find you Lord my heart is broke, I need to meet some other folk

My heart is so broken not sure if I should, I dont want to sit around and brood

Im reaching for you I need you so, please Lord Help me if I should go

I will walk in the room as quiet as can be, dont want to draw attention you see

I will sit at the end no-one will know, the pain that I feel and dont want to show

They all have a prayer I look around; Im feeling quite nervous I hear no sound

People are mumbling not sure whats going on, Im really wishing now that I was gone

The meeting is over Im sitting alone, feeling lonely all forlorn

Theyre chatting and talking amongst themselves, feeling like I fell off a shelf

No-one said hi or even goodbye, I feel like I just want to cry

They sound so spiritual with each other, but looking at me they didn’t even bother

Im feeling worse than when I came in, I didn’t even get a grin

Heading out the door Im feeling down they didn’t know I was around

Walking up the aisle of the church, this is the end of my search

The tears come rolling down my face; I leave the church in disgrace

I cannot see my eyes are blurred now Im feeling just like a nerd

Why God why oh cant you see, the hurt thats churning inside of me

With all that mumbling and all that prayer why does no-one really care?

On the outside they look so right but on the inside theyve lost their sight

They didn’t know that you were there, did they really look to care

Of a sinner coming in that door spiritual clothes is all they wore

Im glad you care Lord more than the others

They only love each other those sisters and brothers

Im heading home now to take my life Ive had enough of all this strife

Cant take no-more my heart is broke Ive had enough its just a joke

Does anyone care just tell me Lord show me somewhere in your word

Ive stretched myself to its length Im feeling tired I have no strength

Give me an answer and if you do, I will promise to always follow you

Please mend my heart its broken in two I honestly dont know what to do

Written by Chris Turner


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