Sunday, February 14, 2016

"Happy Valentine's"

"Happy Valentine's"

During the year, I work hard to make money for my family. I then take my wife and kids to various places.

I take the kids to youth group. Pick them up late in the evening so that they don't have to walk home in the cold late at night.

I make them banana bread, make them buns (rolls), and make them regular bread.

I make hummus and various other meals as well as the favourite dumplings.

During the year I make my family pizza, homemade soup on cold winter days.

In the summer I take them for a pop or a slurpee (slush). Play tennis with kids and other games.

On their birthdays I make a special dinner or order a special dinner from a restaurant.

I take my wife to work and pick her up again. Whenever she phones I go pick her up.

Give them free advice when needed. At Christmas I buy them all gifts and try to make it special.

On Christmas day I get up and make them a cooked breakfast, bacon, eggs, hash browns.

I also get up and make a cooked breakfast on New Year's morning and Easter Sunday morning.

Not forgetting, that I go out just about every day and buy groceries of some sort, spending hundreds of dollars.

I put gas in my car so that I can take the family to different places. Pay for the cell phone and home phone.

I pay to have a house that they can live in, I pay for heating, electric, gas and water.

When they had birthday parties, I used to take them somewhere special with their friends to celebrate.

Occasionally, I buy them ice cream, potato chips, candy and also, whatever I have, I share with them.

During the summer I would take them to camp for a week and pay for everything.

Whenever they need something for their instruments I try and buy it for them.

Clothes, shoes, tennis rackets, paying for the tennis club that they were in.

Not forgetting, the purchase of laptops, tablets etc. Buying logs for fireplace in winter to keep them warm.

So why would I want to do something special on Valentine's Day to prove that I love my family.

I love my family 365 days each year. Why would I have to buy a heart on February 14th to confirm that I love them?

February 14th doesn't prove that you love someone; it's what you do all year that counts.

Written by Chris Turner
February 14, 2016

"Happy Valentine's"

"Happy Valentine's"

 For God
 So loved the world
      That He gave His
      Son so
    That whoever
          In Him shall
everlasting   life                                                       John 3:16
Created by Chris Turner
February 12, 2014