Tuesday, May 16, 2017



Schizophrenia has taken over my life, delusions in my mind I cannot hide
Paranoia makes me slam into a wall, I can't go on

Depressed and unstable I've come too far, brain cannot function I am scarred
I hear the voices moving inside my head, I can't go on

They opened me to see what's going on, an institution where I became withdrawn
Disorder in my own state of mind, I can't go on

People in the room where I would sit, I was going to lift a chair and start to hit
Everyone didn't like the way I looked, I can't go on

Disorganized I'm always in a mess, feel unable to handle all the stress
The simple things in life just seem so hard, I can't go on

No one will miss me one day when I'm gone. 

Written by Chris Turner
May 16, 2017