Monday, June 12, 2017



As I toil through the day I cook and I bake,
Sometimes I make muffins, cookies or a cake
Whenever I have spare time even though I'm on the go,
I'll finish my knitting, and then I'll begin to sew  

In the morning when I get up have breakfast make some bread,
My kids they love homemade stuff at least I know they're fed
Do the dishes and vacuuming, clean the bathroom make the bed
Make crafts that I hope to sell, enough to pay the rent

Go round the house and do the dusting, take the garbage to the yard
Sweep the kitchen floor; get the groceries in the car
Make dinner for the family, yes here I go again
It's time, to pick my spouse up once again from the train

Write a novel and some poetry, to see if I could make some cash
Write a song or two, some lyrics, some went straight into the trash
Make a website with a program, run a blog or maybe two
Spouse comes home has something to eat, never says, honey I miss you

Again I drive to the train station, to pick up my spouse
The dinner that I cooked is in the crockpot at the house
The laundry that I've done, maybe sometimes not too wise
I mixed some of the colours, which my spouse does despise

My spouse is off to work, I think, maybe I'll miss
Spouse says see you later, out the door without a kiss
Even when we go to bed, anticipating, love and a little more
But my spouse turns the other way and I am just ignored

I lay thinking in bed, of all the things that I've done
Was it wrong for me to think, hey, maybe we could have some fun
I lay thinking of my ex's and the way it used to be
My spouse, doesn't appreciate me I'm as lonely as can be

I have to work at a full time job, "cause I think we've overspent
Pay the bills, gasoline, insurance, buy food and pay the rent
All those things that I do, I know that I cannot deny
I want to be loved by my wife, be intimate, 'cause I'm a guy
All those chores that I do are you surprised, that I'm a guy.

Written by Chris Turner
June 12th, 2017.