Tuesday, December 26, 2017

“I’m gonna have a love affair”

“I’m gonna have a love affair”

I couldn’t remember what she looked like she was such a delight
I know I had to see her one more time I just wanted to reunite
I saw her sitting in the corner I decided to pick her up
I knew that handling her right, we’d have lots of fun
There was no turning back, the affair had just begun

She was beautiful as I held her close as she sat upon my knee
I would rub my fingers on her neck I knew it was meant to be
Attractive curves on both sides and her face was golden too
If I moved my hands right through the night, 
she would move as I do
We’re gonna make sweet music tonight yeah, just me and you

The affection that I feel for you it’s gonna last all night long
I know when we’re together all I want to do is play our song
As we cuddle in this room tonight I’ll try, so hard that you’ll see
I want to make sweet music with you, my love, my guitar and me


I just love my old guitar as I feel her warm embrace

I knew we were in tune, in love, my heart began to race

I would play with her all through the night, the melody a beautiful delight

Yeah, we’re gonna be together again

We’re gonna make sweet music tonight again

Written by Chris Turner
October 10, 2014