Friday, April 6, 2018

Goodnight, sleep tight

"Goodnight, sleep tight."

When you're tired at night, it's time to lay your body on the bed

It's time to go to sleep you have thoughts, swirling around your head

As your mind fades away you now fall, into a deep, deep sleep

You have dreams in your mind but you're not sure, what they really mean

Sometimes scary, a nightmare, they frighten you deep inside your soul

You are restless, start to sweat, heart pumping fast, you think you're in (Hell) Sheol

When you're sleeping at night, you're not aware of what's really going on

The world is moving around while your body lies in bed all alone

Not aware of your very own existence, not even knowing, you're lying on your bed

Your subconscious and your mind doesn't know, if you're alive or you are dead

Then the morning time arrives, you awake, your eyes open wide and you say 

I now know that I'm alive, I can enjoy and I can live another day

Finally, the day is over, I go to bed and do it all again

However, will I wake up in the morning to enjoy, yes, to live another day

When I go to sleep at night, there may be no opportunity, to give, a big farewell wave

It may be the last time you close your eyes as, you're heading for the grave

Written by Chris Turner
January 30, 2017