Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"God Loves Gays" (Poem)

"God Loves Gays"

Homosexuals they are sinners just as God’s word says
God made Adam and Eve not a bunch of Gays
He meant us all to procreate that life would still go on
If the world would all be Gay ALL life on earth would be gone

God made us all unique that we would fit like a glove
When we give birth to children it was because we all made love
It shows the world that life goes on that we’re not meant to be alone
Marriage between a man and woman is the way that this is done

You can flaunt your Gay appeal today but one day you’ll stand before God
To answer for your blatant sin which is contrary to His word
God wants to save your soul but first you must repent
Accepting Christ as Saviour NOW, from God was Heaven sent

The scriptures tell us way back then in those days of old
You cannot stand before the Lord and say you were not told
Romans Ch1 V.26-27 tells us of this sin to get rid of all this sinfulness
Get your life back on track ‘cause your life is just a mess

So turn your back on your sin know that Jesus is the way
He loves this sinful world including all the Gays
Repent now of all your sin, addictions, and the strife
Jesus will embrace you and give Eternal Life

The colours of the rainbow were created long ago
When God made a promise to the future world we know
He put it high in the sky so that all the world could see
A promise of His love that day for all humanity

Please don’t get me wrong God loves all the Gays
He just resents your stubborn sinfulness and pride that you display
But there again He hates ALL sin we know this to be true
That’s why He died upon the cross that day ‘cause He loves me and you

The church is kind of worried to reveal this we all know
Accepting more this way of life fornication and living together, God just says “NO”
But God will judge the Christian too who ignores what God’s word says
He tells us to proclaim His word to the sinner and the Gays

Written by ChrisTurner
January 28, 2014