Sunday, January 24, 2016

Just working on chords for a new song.

Just working on chords for a new song.

Should have it finished tonight. 

It's called: "Sitting under the Neon Sign"

I wrote it back in 2013.

Here are the lyrics for the first verse and chorus.

1st verse:                                  
Staying at home was all I had; I always thought that it stunk
So I thought I’d take a hike and leave, and I got really drunk
I was glad to get away from my old man; all he ever did was moan
I said I can’t handle it anymore; I’m going out on my own

Here I am in the big bright city under the neon sign
It tells me now what life’s about that everything will be just fine
It sends a message to my soul you have to keep pushing on
I’m sitting under the neon sign not knowing what’s going on