Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I'm still a virgin

“I’m still a virgin”

I’m still a virgin at sixty five years old
I never used to be since I was eighteen and cajoled
I’ve been with quite a few as I was passing through
They were much the same when we would rendezvous

I’m still a virgin I never get it on
I’ve been pushed aside excitements all foregone
I have a lot to give I really want to live
It’s driving me insane I need another dame

Something I often crave got one foot in the grave
That’s what I’m always told I am just too old
I know I need a ride but I’ve been pushed aside
If I show this to my wife she would run away and hide

She wouldn’t understand that I am still a man
It’s not how I had it planned there is no more romance
I know that I feel damned I’m not a younger man
Drifting too far apart I still have my hand

Written by Chris Turner
February 6, 2019

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