Saturday, April 7, 2018

Life has no remote

Is there a purpose why we exist?

Is there a purpose why we exist?

Where did life begin? Is there a purpose why we exist?
Was it from the dust of the ground?
Maybe an organism that wiggled around

Some say that God was the creator
Thus the Bible tells us so
Is this how we really started to grow?

A big bang in the cosmos maybe
Another galaxy perhaps, spat out by a surge of power
Creating man, trees, the mountains and the flowers

Were we a little organism, some sort of matter?
Did God carve us out of the dust with his finger?
So that for years to come, mankind would linger

All of us sitting on this terrestrial ball
Spinning in space as we surge around the sun
Gravity holding us on this planet, as we are spun

Such a tiny spec in amongst the galaxies
Rotating like a spinning top, rapidly turning
The momentum preventing us all from flying off, this earth orb

To the dust we will all return
Either way we all came from the ground
No-one knows for sure, no-one was around

When we all die does our spirit evaporate into the air?
Maybe it wanders through the galaxies into oblivion
On the other hand, does it eventually go to Heaven?

Is God really in Heaven watching over us each day?
As we all have needs and selfishly pray
Therefore, do we know where God came from, no-one will say

Written by Chris Turner
April 6, 2018