Monday, April 9, 2018

Humboldt Broncos

Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you.

Humboldt Saskatchewan of the yellow and green
The colours of the Broncos it is their hockey team
Tragedy would strike heading for their next game
Hockey in this town would never be the same

It was a cold Friday evening as they're heading to play
Disaster struck their bus on that chilly April day
Sunday evening was the fixture for their next hockey game
Instead, a vigil was held, Humboldt.... would never be the same

The prayer vigil was telecast for all the world to see
All Canada mourns with you as we all shed our tears
Precious lives that were taken O'God they were so young
The joy that they brought and the trophies that they won

Friends and families trying to mend all the hearts that are broken
They just stare at one another not a word is even spoken
We know their names won't be forgotten their Spirit will still be around
We all love you over in Humboldt....a great Canadian town

Written by Chris Turner

April 9, 2018