Thursday, November 30, 2017

"Goodnight, sleep tight."

"Goodnight, sleep tight."

When you're tired at night, it's time to lay your body on the bed

It's time to go to sleep you have thoughts, swirling through your head

As your mind fades away, you now fall, in to a deep, deep, deep sleep

You have dreams in your mind but you're not sure, what they really mean.

Sometimes scary a nightmare, they frighten you deep inside your soul

You are restless, start to sweat, heart pumping fast, you think you're in Sheol

When you're sleeping at night, you're not aware of what's really going on

The world is moving around while your body lies in bed alone

Not aware of your existence, not even knowing, you're lying on your bed

Your subconscious and your mind doesn't know, if you're alive, or your dead

Then the morning time arrives, eyes open wide and this is what you say

I now know that I'm alive, I can enjoy, I can live another day

Finally, the day is over, I go to bed and I do it all again

But will I wake up in the morning, to enjoy, yes, to live another day

When you go to sleep at night, no opportunity, to give a farewell wave

It may be the last time, as you close your eyes, as you're heading for the grave

Don't be scared at this time, this is how, all of life will end.

Written by Chris Turner

January 30th, 2017

“Memories hidden in the back of my mind”

“Memories hidden in the back of my mind”
(A poem about dementia & Alzheimer’s disease)

I’m sitting looking out the window thinking of days gone by
The times I looked up at the rainbow as it spanned across the sky
The family were young, full of life they played and worked until dawn
Enjoying the sun all day long until it was faded and was gone
I would bake, sew and knit, re-using old clothes that were worn
I’ve loved my kids every day from the first day they were born

There was a flurry of activity around my home when the kids came home from school
Drinking milk, cookies, and lots of snacks they would eat till they were full
They’re all grown up now playing with friends finding their way through life
One day the boys will meet a girl and take her as his wife
The girls they’re playing with their dolls along with their girly toys
Dressing up and brushing their hair with the hope to meet some boys

Life goes on and they’re married now they have a life of their own
It’s funny how they don’t look back to see that I’m all alone
The cookies, muffins, the baking I did and the meals that we all shared
I’m getting older time’s slipping away I thought they would have cared
All these things are thoughts I have of the memories that I could find
They were lurking in the back of my head before I lost my mind

I’m in a home now that’s for seniors you know, when you can’t remember when
My memory is fading really fast as I write this with my pen
My kids, they thought it best for me to send me to this place
So they could live their life in peace not having to see my face
You see, no one knows these thoughts I have they think that I have gone insane
They don’t see my inner hurts they just don’t see my pain

As I’m staring at the walls, for now, people going to and fro’
No one comes to see me anymore it’s nearly time for me to go
Oh! Yes, the muffins, the baking the meals we all shared those memories I make them last
The times we cuddled and loved each other are just things of the past
The children finally get the call to let them know I’ve gone
 To my final home up in the sky, at last, I’m not alone.

Written by Chris Turner
October 16th, 2012