Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sitting in the quiet

"Sitting in the quiet"

Sitting in the quiet nestled among the trees

Sun reflecting on me as I ripple in the breeze

People they throw stones but it doesn't hurt at all

Branches drop their leaves on me when it turns to fall

Snow falls from heaven and the spatter of the rain

The rainbow spans across I'm filling up again

The ice tells of winter the spring brings its moss

The wind is gently blowing as the mist takes its course

Rocks and stones lying deep twigs move around

Reeds and lilies resting they're gentle with no sound

Slowly as I move down the creek beside the burn

Joining with the others as there is no return

Splashing as I'm running dodge tree stumps in between

Joining those who've gone before I'm part of the stream

Channel getting wider I know I will be brave

Now part of the ocean as I join the other waves

Written by Chris Turner

August 14, 2017