Saturday, October 26, 2013

“The wonders of God’s Creation” (Poem)

“The wonders of God’s Creation”

O’ how I love your Creation and the trees blowing in the wind
The fragrance of your flowers while watching the leaves fall to the ground

The sun as it rises at the crack of dawn the sky so blue and clear
The patchwork of clouds that move and form orange colours to give us a beautiful day

The clouds move in with whites and greys raindrops falling from the sky
It waters the ground and gives us a crop of veggies, fruit and grass

It’s evening time as the sun goes down the wondrous sunsets show His beauty
The moon then gives it’s brilliant light reflecting off the clouds as they move in the breeze

 It’s autumn and the trees change color, how colourful the ground with beautiful leaves
It’s starting to cool now as the snow falls winter is coming and the trees are going to sleep

How splendid your creation Lord four seasons you gave to us
To water the ground and make things grow so that we could have plenty to eat and enjoy

The night is dark as we look to the sky the stars are shining ever so bright
The universe vast as we peer through the Heavens as the moon reflects on the still lake

It’s springtime and the daffodils and tulips arise breaking forth through the winter’s snow
The buds on the trees now start to appear all blossoming to show us new life

The trees are awake again as they burst forth and are full of life
The birds nest as they chirp and sing, singing praises to their maker
The insects come out from hibernation the bees, ants, worms and spiders
Working hard just as God created them, all doing their part to help us with life

We are all here for a purpose whether insect, animal or human
The stars, the moon, the sun, the trees the Lord God, He made them all.

Written by Chris Turner
April 5th, 2012  

Chris Turner is a residential/commercial
painting contractor in Edmonton Alberta Canada