Tuesday, December 5, 2017



I'm gonna sing you a song about how I really feel
I'm gonna sing about a feeling that seems so surreal
It was a feeling that was given to me when I was born
I didn't know I had this feeling until later on

It's a feeling that I love that makes me feel so good
When people get older it's not as it should
It's a feeling that I have that cannot be seen
It's a feeling always there 'cause it's a part of me

Some people show this feeling depends on the mood
It's a feeling full of life when I obtrude
If no one ever had this feeling and it was never shown
You'd all be by yourself in this big world alone

It's a feeling that was given it's a feeling we can't deny
Like a volcano exploding erupting to the sky
Some say it is from Heaven it's a feeling that we seek
We're never relieved until it's at it's highest peak

"Cause I know, that when this feeling comes......I feel in ecstasy.

Written by Chris Turner
November 27, 2017