Sunday, March 6, 2016

“I just want to be loved”

“I just want to be loved”

In this world we live in there’s a lonely face out there

Just looking for someone to love them to show them that we care

There was a time when I was a child born just like all of you

I had a brother and sister a mum and dad they helped me as I grew

One day my mum and dad were involved in an accident in which they died

My brother and sister looked at me and we all sat and cried

We were ever so young and split apart to different families we did go

Not knowing if we would see each other again we were scattered to and fro’

When I grew up I didn’t like the foster home where I had grown

I decided one day that I should leave and go out on my own

As I left home I used to think of my mum and dad that I miss

The way they would cuddle and tuck me into bed and give me a goodnight kiss

Loneliness can get you down and fill your heart with fear

Never ever knowing which way to turn it makes you shed a tear

As things got worse finances were low different friends did I meet

Not the kind that I had before but the ones down on the street

As I would talk to them alone I found out that they had

A similar break up with their families which I found very sad

My friends are gone I’m left alone what now shall I do

I feel that I have been abandoned with no one to talk to

I’ve tried so hard to make this life the best that I know how

But every time I turn a corner I feel so much let down

I’m a wanderer a transient wearing out my feet

Walking the streets nowhere to stay struggling to make ends meet

I wonder if there’s someone when they’ve never ever seen

Maybe it’s hard for them to understand to know how my life has been

I really want to be like you I don’t always want to roam

 I would like to have a wife and family and have a nice warm home

You may not think that’s possible when you look at me this way

But I can be educated and taught and be like you some day 

Please don’t look down when you walk by I won’t do you any harm

Try and see me like you if my family were here and love me for who I am

I may not be smart or as clever as you I may not be very wise

But when you see me on the street don’t turn away I could be an angel in disguise

I don’t have much but I’ve got Jesus in my heart so I just keep looking above

Hoping and praying that maybe someday I’ll have somebody to love

So please when you pass just say hello and I’ll say hello too

I just want to be loved in this lonely world I just want to be like you

Written by Chris Turner


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