Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Everybody Loves a Hypocrite

I go to church on Sunday raise my hands, sing hallelujah, and praise the Lord
I listen to the message shout Amen as the pastor reads God's word
He says there is sin within our hearts and cleansing is what we really need
Then he talks of the Saviour who can make it right thank you Jesus is what I plead

The pastor makes a plea to those, who have some hidden sin
Planted deep within their hearts, the congregation feel the pain within
To help them make a brand new start I look around as they raise their hands
I shake my head in disbelief, I can't believe, I just don't understand

All those sinners heading to the front as they kneel at the pulpit for their sin
I am glad it is them and not me I could barely take it in
Their hearts full of guilt they confess that they were to blame
They raise their hands up to God and they ask Him to remove their shame

As the service is over and I walk to the foyer with my friends
I say thank you Jesus, praise the Lord, and are you glad that we are not like them
As we all drive home a lovely day still early in the morn
As I enter the house I head downstairs to watch a little porn

As I head out in the evening meet some friends from the LGBT group that I'm in
We only see it as a lifestyle nothing wrong we don't see it as a sin
I shake hands with the pastor who was preaching earlier that day
No one knows too much about him, but I always knew that he was gay

The church is free and easy, liberal, in their thoughts and their minds
Fornication is okay just as long as you're the loving kind
The church will never preach against it, 'cause that, is what they all do
If the pastor preached a sermon of this kind he would empty all the pews

Everyone who goes to church has a problem deep within their heart
We have sin deep in our soul; we cannot see just how we are
It doesn't matter what we hear it is hard for us to admit
I live a lie every week and on Sunday I'm just a hypocrite
Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, I shout Amen, I'm just a hypocrite.

Written by Chris Turner
May 17, 2017