Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"The Easter Bunny and the Cross" (Poem)

"The Easter Bunny and the Cross"
Thank you Lord for creating me, “The Easter Bunny”
I am going to tell the story Lord about your son Jesus
And my own version of the Easter story
You see, I’m an old “Easter Bunny”
I remember the day that Jesus was even born, the story goes like this:
One night when I was running around with all my bunny friends
I saw a bright light and all of a sudden, an angel appeared
He told the shepherds that this baby Jesus was going to be born in a stable in Bethlehem
As soon as I heard this message, I gathered all my bunny friends and we all headed to the stable
To see this baby Jesus
As this baby grew up and became a man, He would talk about the Kingdom of God and His Father who was in Heaven
I used to bring some bunny rabbit friends and we would listen and have lots of fun
One night, when I was playing with my friends in the Garden of Gethsemane
I saw Jesus coming and he knelt down and prayed to His Father
You thought that you were alone Lord, but you weren’t
We all stuck our heads through our rabbit holes and heard what you said
You were crying to your Father, you were praying for lots of people too,
It seemed like you were praying for all the people in the world
I couldn’t understand why you were crying, you seemed so alone as all your friends were sleeping
All of a sudden, some people came along and appeared to be very angry, as they eventually took you away
My friends and I followed, then the men that took you away started hitting you, I couldn’t understand what they were doing, it didn’t seem fair that you would be treated this way
Then a lot of people gathered round and started jeering at you, they seemed to be angry too for some reason
But you didn’t say anything to them; you kept quiet and didn’t say a word.
I couldn’t watch any more of the beating you were taking
So my friends and I went to play on a big hill where we were having so much fun
Then all of a sudden,I heard a lot of shouting, when I looked over, I saw you carrying a big piece of wood over your shoulder
When you got to the top of the hill, they made you lie on this big piece of wood
Then some people hammered nails into your hands and feet
Ouch! It looked quite painful
All my bunny friends and I could do was watch
As I watched from my hole that I had burrowed
They lifted this piece of wood very high and you were hanging on it
As you hung there, it looked like you were crying as people were jeering and shouting at you
It looked like they were making fun of you, I’m afraid I couldn’t understand
As I looked up at this piece of wood, you shouted “Forgive them Father”
And then you closed your eyes as if you were sleeping
Then all of a sudden, I heard a huge noise in the sky, it sounded like your Father was angry at those people for what they did, wow! Was it ever loud
I was so scared I ran back in to my rabbit hole
Once all the noise was over, I popped my head out of the hole
As I was looking around, I saw some people lower this piece of wood. It looked as though you were still sleeping on it.
They took you away and put you into, what appeared like a big bunny rabbit hole, then they put a big rock in front of it
I thought, mmmmm, this was kind of strange, so I waited around for a few days
Then all of a sudden, two big bright men appeared as they shone as bright as the sun.
My bunny ears were just shaking I was one scared bunny rabbit
You came walking out of this big bunny rabbit hole as I saw you were awake again
I guess you had a nice sleep for three days
Your two friends just suddenly disappeared; this was becoming stranger all the time
I saw you walking away, curious, I followed you
Then I saw you talking with your friends, you know,
The ones who fell asleep when you were crying to your Father
I overheard some people saying, that this piece of wood you had been nailed to was called a cross and that you willingly did this because you loved everyone
I couldn’t understand why you would do this
I heard that when people used to celebrate Easter many years ago, they did it to remember you and that you loved them.
 They wanted to remember when you died and the reason why you were nailed to the cross.
You know Jesus; I know that your Father created me, the Easter Bunny
At this time of year anyway that’s what they call me, the rest of the year I’m just a bunny rabbit
But I’ll tell you something Jesus, there is no way I would die for that bunch of people
Especially if they had beat me up and hung me up by my rabbit ears
There is no way I would give my life for those people and love them for doing it
So my question is this Lord, why do people now celebrate me at Easter more than you and I did nothing for them?
After all, you were the one that loved them.
You see folks, I know this man Jesus who was on that cross
I was there watching it all the time, me and all my bunny rabbit friends
I may taste good as you eat chocolate shaped like me
But I can’t get you to Heaven
Only this man Jesus who died on the cross can get you there
He’s the one who really loves you
You know, that man who was crying to His Father.
After reading this, you should know this man Jesus very well
So why don’t you accept Him into your heart today.
I’m going to be there, or didn’t you know, that Jesus loves bunny rabbits too. 

Written by Chris Turner