Thursday, May 18, 2017

Facing the burden alone

Facing the burden alone

I talked to my son just the other day
I told him of the bills that I had to pay
I said, could you help right now, I'm feeling kind of broke
A resounding "No" came from him were the only words that he spoke

He said I'm not giving you anything it is not my job
The money that I make is for me when I shop
Why should I give you money, after all, it's your, responsibility?
I couldn't believe what I heard and that he, said this to me

I said when I pay the rent you enjoy the home we have
You've been living in our home ever since you were a lad
Electricity, water, and heat, it don't come cheap
It's only fair that you help and contribute, to go toward your keep

I said twenty-five percent is not a lot to ask
When we put up the gazebo in the sun you will bask
You enjoy all the things we supply as you can see
Internet, cable, telephone, a comfy couch to watch T.V.

As the months went along he disregarded all I said
He would come home from work eat chips and pop then go to bed
Spend lots of money on groceries so that he, can eat and be fed
Looks like we'll struggle once again for today and the days that lie ahead

I said for seventeen years we've kept you every day
Never have we ever asked for anything for you to pay
Celebrations at Christmas, birthdays in between we gave a few
Now we're struggling, things are tough and we need, some help from you

Disregarding all I've said ignoring what we need
He'll sit down and eat dinner ignoring all our pleas
I can see that the struggle, that I face, I'm going it on my own
Can't do more, at least I tried, I guess I face, this burden all alone

Written by Chris Turner
May 18, 2017