Thursday, December 7, 2017

"I Struggle and Fight"

"I Struggle and Fight"

I struggle real hard and I fight; now I'm down to my last mite
Not sure if there will be enough, for the kids to eat it's been pretty rough
But we plod along even though it looks dour, we can always make bread with a little flour
Vitamins and nutrients is what we need, so vegetable soup is what we'll feed

In times like these I'm usually frank; we may just have to use the food bank
We can cut off the cable and maybe the phone, of course all the kids will probably moan
Things were great when times were good; we always had lots of food
I said to my spouse, don't worry honey, a new job will happen that will make us money

Haven't had any work now for a little while, sometimes it wants to steal your smile
But I'll play guitar as I struggle along, yes, maybe I'll write another song
Please don't write me and ask if it's true, I know that this is what most folks do
We will always make do with what we have; somehow I don't think that we will starve

The economy's bad as we all know, but people are still on the go
The best things in life are just not free; things will turn around just wait and see
Even though we desperately need money, it's a nice warm day and the sky is sunny
In our family though we still have love, I think we'll pray tonight to God above

Written by Chris Turner
February 9, 2016