Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Memories of yesterday"

"Memories of yesterday"

The memories of yesterday all trapped inside my mind
I played back all the good times as I started to rewind
Never having any problems enjoying the things I did
I loved the freedom way back then the freedom of a kid

Then things began to change as I turned into a teen
Life wouldn't be the same of the years that had been
Exposed to smoking, drinking which had its grip on me
It changed my life forever not the kid I used to be

But I have no regrets for the things that I had done
Put it all down to experience along the way I had some fun
I was rockin' and a rollin' long hair and denim jeans
I went to all the parties dancin' to the disco scene

Then I started working it was good for awhile
You realize you need some cash to finance your teen lifestyle
Then I got the taste of money had no time to relax
I said hey, where did all my money go? I had to pay so much darn tax.

Written by Chris Turner
June 4, 2016.

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