Friday, May 12, 2017

Cross Wall Mural

Cross Wall Mural

"Cross" wall mural available.

Depicts the Christmas and Easter story in one.

The star over Bethlehem and the Angel proclaiming the good news to the Shepherds. The cross of course symbolizing the Easter story.

I can paint this on to your church wall for you
Ideal for a foyer/entryway/office/ prayer room etc;
 This design is not available anywhere.

Current size is 6' X 4'
Price for this size $360
Price is approximate $60 per vertical foot.

Colour black is only for demonstration. You can choose whichever colour you like. 

An additional charge of $20 for paint.

Other mural signs available.
Cross can be made larger to scale
Willing to travel to any city for an additional traveling fee.

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